Hello, my name is Shannon Juve. I am a victim advocate at Fremont County Alliance Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. This is our local DV program here in Fremont County, Wyoming. I am starting up this blog for two reasons: one, to help bring more awareness within our local community, and even the world, to the reality of domestic violence and sexual assault; and two,  to have a safe place where survivors can share their stories. I want all survivors to have a place to share their stories, their emotions, and their concerns. I want people to be educated on abuse and how they can get involved and help their loved ones, friends, and fellow community members. Let's all work together to stop the violence on the home front! I will be sharing articles that are helpful and informative on different topics, and will also have a section for survivors to share their stories. I will be sharing any events or causes that relate to these topics as well. Please bare with me, as I am a rookie at this blogging stuff! Just know that there is always someone to reach out to for help during or after an abusive relationship, and that you can share your story and help others with your voice!